“When it comes to safety “Only Perfect is Close Enough.” Pacific Tech counts on our workers and we want and expect that our employees put safety above every other priority on the job site. We work to actively encourage safety on the job site at every step, from project development to closeout. We look for ways to approach the project that keep our workers safe with engineering controls, construction methods, and specialized equipment. Post award, we dissect the job and create Site Specific Safety and Health Plans that address each definable feature of work and outline the best and safest way to approach the work that keeps our workers, building occupants, and passersby out of harms way. As construction work begins, we not only staff each project with on-site management that has undergone extensive safety training, but we also empower each of our employees with the “Stop Work Authority.” Stop work authority provides each of our workers with the right and responsibility to stop any work that might put them, their fellow worker, or anyone else associated with the project at risk.”



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